The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh was founded in 2006 by Lesley Davenport. We are committed to serving the greater Pittsburgh area with a cutting edge Pilates program that marries the wisdom and power of classical Pilates with the art of teaching.

At the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh our method is simple. We believe that Pilates is a conduit for personal empowerment. We serve others by giving accurate information to our clients about their bodies and teach how to use them with clarity and confidence. It is our experience that through doing Pilates regularly you can dramatically improve the way your body feels and works.

We pride ourselves on making Pilates very personal. Your goals and body are unique. We maintain an atmosphere and staff that helps you achieve those goals. We are mindful of process while being results oriented.

We invite you to meet the team and let us know what you are looking to improve in your health and body.

If you desire to improve your golf game, dancing, posture, muscle tone, or you just want to feel better, call us to get started!

-Lesley Davenport


What is the difference between Classical and Contemporary Pilates?

Classical Pilates refers to the original exercises Joseph Pilates created. A Classical Pilates workout honors the order of the exercises and the original intention or goal of each of the movements.

Because Pilates is not a trademarked name and any resemblance of the exercises can be called a Pilates class.  In recent years many diverse styles and hybrids of Pilates have been created. This is Contemporary Pilates. Contemporary Pilates classes are known for changing the order of the exercises and the goals can be somewhat different.

We teach classical.

Having first hand experience of both styles of Pilates, Lesley and the team find it helpful for clients and new teachers to study Classical Pilates as it gives a clear base of understanding how Pilates work.

Practicing classical Pilates also conditions your body to move in a safe way enabling you to maximize the benefit you receive from any exercise program. For example, when you learn to play an instrument, it is helpful to learn the first notes and how to hold the instrument. What if you were asked to play an advanced piece of music on this new instrument without knowing how it works from the basic moves? Studying Pilates is the same way.

Classical Pilates is a whole body exercise method. When practiced well it leads to noticeable improvements in health and the function of your body, not to mention the appearance.

Classical Pilates focuses on building strength from the inside to out in the body. Daily we see this prove true with clients in the studio.

Pilates creates change in the body and is corrective exercise for muscle imbalances and postural misalignments. Movement does heal. Your body will accept these new changes when ready.

It is important to always be compassionate and steadfast in your desire for a healthy mind and body. Welcome to Pilates!