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Tone Body in Pilates

TONE BODY IN PILATES What does having a tone body in Pilates mean? How do we get you there? One of the main requests we receive from clients is Can you tone me up?  Or, I want to increase the tone of my body. So we started talking about it in the studio in the past...

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History of Joseph Pilates

HISTORY OF JOSEPH PILATES Joseph Pilates was born in a small village near Düsseldorf, Germany in 1883. His father was a prize winning gymnast and his mother was a naturopath. He achieved some success as a boxer, a gymnast, a skier and a diver. During World War I, he...

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Pre-Natal Pilates

PRENATAL PILATES We are happy to announce an exciting new program coming to the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh: “Prepare the Body™” and “Repair the Body™”a specialization in prenatal and post-natal body work. Based on conversations with the teachers at the studio and...

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