Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Our studio facilitates and supports teacher training programs with the Center for Women’s Fitness and Power Pilates.

We offer opportunities for professionals to fine-tune their teaching skills and to learn the art of teaching.

Spring 2017 we are offering a 3-day Pre and Post Natal Health and Exercise Specialist Certification.   Sign up on our mailing list or email the studio to get all the details!

Movement is our paintbrush. Pilates Teachers are artists. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear of our innovative teacher training programs and workshops offered in our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania studio.

Center for Womens Fitness


Employment in the Studio

Our  staff is comprised of inspired, responsible individuals who not only strive for excellence in their work but use movement or bodywork to create holistic health programs that produce effective results. To truly move well; not only looking great and feeling great but honestly move through life with fluid ease. We look for talented instructors that think outside of the box and approach teaching as a service to others.

If interested in joining our teaching team please contact Lesley at the studio.