We are located in Mount Lebanon, the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh
1665 Washington Road, Suite 6
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

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What to expect?

At your first session you will experience a traditional Pilates system of exercises. Our teachers will ask if you have any areas of injury or concern. You will fill out a mandatory health history and medical information form and after a brief discussion, we will recommend where to begin your program.

Ready to speak to a teacher to discuss your session type? Email us and we will get back to you immediately!

You will need to dress in work out clothing, leaving your shoes at the door. Feel free to wear socks if that makes you more comfortable.

After your workout, drink plenty water, ask questions and keep track of how you feel.

Pilates is a whole body workout. You may experience some mild soreness or tenderness in unused muscle groups. If you have concerns, please share them with your trainer.

Do I need to make an appointment for classes?

Yes, all of our group classes fill up fast. We also make schedule adjustments based on attendance. We need to know in advance that you would like to attend and also if you have to cancel, please view our cancelation policies.

I have injuries, can I still do this?

If your injury is recent we may require a doctor’s clearance to begin Pilates. If your injury is pre-existing, Pilates may be the thing you need. A refreshed strong connection to your body’s core works wonders in many ways. We will honor the injuries you have while challenging you appropriately.

I have done Pilates before, do I still need to do the Intro sessions?

We do suggest doing the introductory sessions for us to get familiar with you and your needs. We want to make sure that our classical style of Pilates meshes with what you may have learned. If you would like to go into small group mat classes or semi-privates let us know so that we can help you schedule your first sessions with the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh.

What is the difference between classes and sessions?

Tower classes start with mat work and build up to using the Tower apparatus. They are limited to 6 people. Mat classes are mat work only and are limited to 10 people.

Sessions are Privates or Semi-Privates, up to 4 people. Depending on your level and the level of the group, they may use a combination of mat, reformer, tower, chair and other apparatus.

What if I can't make my scheduled session?

Please contact the studio asap to let us know and reschedule. Late cancellations for any type of class, Private, SemiPrivate are when cancelled under 24 hours notice. Out of respect for the teachers and other students, you will be charged the full rate for a late cancellation (under 24 hours notice). An early cancel is outside of the 24 hours and can be rescheduled at no cost to you.

Do I need to have a partner to book a semi-private?

No. When you are ready to join a semi-private we can help build this for you, with times that work best for you and other clients at similar levels.

What is the difference between Pilates and yoga?

Pilates and yoga have similar goals but approach training from different perspectives. Pilates creates stability and strength first before challenging range of motion in the body. Pilates begins lying down on the mat and finishes standing. Pilates restores the natural curvature and strength of the spine. The pace of Pilates is typically different than yoga.