At the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh our philosophy is simple. We believe that movement is a conduit for personal empowerment. We serve clients by giving them accurate information about their bodies, teaching and empowering them with clarity and confidence through classical Pilates training at our Pittsburgh, PA studio. It is our experience that through regular Pilates practice you can dramatically improve the way your body feels and works.

We pride ourselves on making each session personal. Whether you are a prenatal Pilates client or working on an athletic or even physical therapy goal, our approach reflects this. We maintain an atmosphere to help you achieve your goals. We are mindful of the classical Pilates method and process while being results oriented.

We invite you to meet the team and let us know what you are looking to improve in your health and body.

If you desire to improve your golf game, posture, muscle tone or you just want to feel better, call us to get started!


Our teachers are committed to serving others through their work.

Our work is movement-beautiful, balanced and biomechanically sound.

We use Pilates as a vehicle to support healthy lifestyles.


These are the teachers who are in the process of completing a comprehensive certificate or have completed a mat work certificate.


These are the teachers who have completed at least one comprehensive certificate from a qualified school. They are full apparatus trained with a minimum of 600 hours of training.



Senior teachers have completed two or more comprehensive certificates in Pilates or other movement areas.


Lesley Davenport is from Marietta, Ohio and moved to Pittsburgh to attend Point Park University. Upon graduation from PPU with a BA in Dance Ballet and Jazz concentrations, she freelanced throughout the greater Pittsburgh region gathering as much experience teaching and performing as possible. During these years Lesley was blessed to have been a founding member of H20 Contemporary Dance. Lesley currently holds an adjunct faculty position with Point Park University and serves the dance community by working directly with younger dancers at PCOP and remaining involved with The Dance Conservatory of Pittsburgh and H2O.

Chronic back pain and spasms forced her to take a private Pilates session with a friend who was an instructor, Gwen Ritchie. After a few short weeks of regular work, Lesley was a believer.

“My body shape began to change quickly and my chronic pain was cut in half. I discovered that I was incredibly unbalanced from overbooking a dance schedule and neglecting to cross train consistently. I had weak abdominals, lack of mobility in certain areas of my back, and unstable hips. I needed to learn the lessons that Pilates provides in order to not only bring myself out of pain but participate in things that were important to me. With a steady Pilates routine I was able to correct many issues and in turn it gave me a pain free, capable, happy body.”

It became her work to share with others and create a supportive environment for teachers and clients. Her certifications include Core Dynamics, Power Pilates, and Women’s Center for Fitness Prenatal and Postnatal Certificate. A creator at heart, Lesley is responsible for launching many area Pilates movement and wellness programs and opened the Pilates Center of Pittsburgh in 2006. Her favorite work is to collaborate with various talents and bring in unparalleled movement training and experiences into Pittsburgh. She stays inspired by consistent practice and exploring other forms of movement, parenting her children and continuing education. A passionate student, Lesley is currently studying with Sheri Berkowitz of The Vertical Workshop.

She lives in Bethel Park,PA with her husband Michael and young children.

Senior Teacher.

Allie Castello’s mission is to empower and educate everyone on how to gain improved health through movement. She earned her Bachelors of Arts in Dance from Point Park University, Pilates teaching certification through Power Pilates, and has numerous hours of continuing education in the field of dance and movement.

Allie is continually increasing her knowledge by attending school to become a certified Physical Therapist Assistant. Allie’s deep understanding of the body allows her to communicate and work with many body types, injuries, and health goals.

Junior Teacher.


Kiley Coulter’s first experienced Pilates at Slippery Rock University, where she received a BA in Dance. After college, she lived in NYC for eight years where she continued to dance and take Pilates classes. Pursuing a life-long career in movement Kiley graduated from the Power Pilates Comprehensive program in New York City under the direction of Bob Liekens and Susan Moran.

Kiley taught at the Power Pilates flagship studio until she moved to Pittsburgh in 2013. After having her first child, Kiley became interested in learning more in-depth information about the changes during and after pregnancy. In March 2017, Kiley completed the Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist Program through The Center for Women’s Fitness.

Senior Teacher.

Michael Duray has been a body worker since 2002. Mike maintains a private practice which focuses on Structural Integration, orthopedic massage and an exploration of movement though individual Pilates instruction. A student of motion, he has actively practiced Shotokan Karate since 1972. He volunteers his time as a karate instructor at the University Of Pittsburgh.

Mike is a certified Peak Pilates instructor and is also on staff at Carnegie Mellon’s Department of Athletics where he teaches group classes. He is faculty of the Massage Therapy Institute of Western Pennsylvania where he advocates the benefits of Structural Integration and Visceral Manipulation.

Senior Teacher.

“The programs are customized to each students needs and the instruction is specific and amazing. It is a lovely studio and the teachers are encouraging and knowledgeable. There is nothing intimidating about it. I now can’t imagine life without Pilates.”

– Heidi Sherman | Pilates Client

Amy Jones found Pilates 6 years ago when she wanted to get in shape for her wedding. As someone who didn’t liked to exercise she was surprised how quickly she fell in love with the practice.

Amy earned her teaching certifications in Beginner Mat with Power Pilates: June, 2013, Intermediate Mat with Power Pilates: December 2013, renewed December 2015. She has taken continuing education Power Pilates courses: Small Barrel and Spine Corrector; Enhance Your Mat with the Physioball and Magic Circle; Tower Progressions. She also completed the Pre/Post Natal Specialist Program, March 2017.

In 2016, Amy was still practicing and teaching Pilates when she found out she was pregnant. Both her physical and spiritual changes led her to learn about pre and post natal Pilates. Join her in the studio for the Moms on the Mat classes.

Junior Teacher.

Christin Lukondi was introduced to classical Pilates in Southern California where she grew up. She earned her mat certification in 2016 and her equipment certification in 2018. Her goal has been to learn, imitate, and perfect the teachings of Joseph Pilates and share her knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn.

Christin loves how Pilates works on strengthening and toning the body. She really appreciates how classical Pilates facilitates everyday movement and most importantly a healthy spine.

Junior Teacher.

Sally Putt took her first Pilates class in June 2009 in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. She was curious to find out what this exercise was all about as she had always been active and enjoyed exercising, but the pounding of aerobics and running over the years took a toll on my knees and lower back.

Sally has an engineering background and the attention to details and control in Pilates immediately resonated with her as a student and teacher.

Sally started in on teacher training to help others to achieve the great changes that Pilates can do to your body and mind. Her Power Pilates certification in Beginner and Intermediate Mat has allowed her to teach Pilates since 2013. She is currently enrolled in comprehensive equipment training to allow her clients to experience more fully everything the practice can offer. In 2016 she completed her Systems I apparatus with Power Pilates.

Junior Teacher.

“Lesley is great at communicating Pilates concepts in several different ways, so that you can connect with an explanation that resonates with you.At the Pilates Center, it is required for you to go through a series of intro sessions before joining a class. Having done it, I think that this is so smart. The intro sessions are well-priced, they give you one-on-one time with the instructors to focus on your specific needs and really ensure that you are joining a class when you are ready (a great way to prevent injuries).”

– Meghan Romano | Pilates Client

Kelly Mroz is a true teacher. 

A former language and elementary school teacher, Kelly began practicing Pilates in 2017 and completed her mat certification through Pilates Sol in the spring of 2018. She is also a yogi and a Registered Yoga Teacher. 

Kelly fell in love with the Pilates method after a series of injuries in running led her to realize that there is so much more involved in running than simply putting one foot in front of the other. Understanding the importance of and developing balance, alignment, strength, and flexibility through yoga and Pilates have helped Kelly transform her body and have enabled her to continue to grow and challenge herself as a distance runner. She is always using her personal Pilates and yoga practices to keep her strong and healthy so that she can continue to achieve her running goals.

Kelly believes that our learning to communicate with our bodies is just like learning a language (by the way, she’s fluent in Portuguese, in addition to her native language, English). She is motivated by the ability to empower people to reclaim their bodies and do more than what was thought possible. She is committed to working with clients to foster body awareness and healthy movement patterns so that people can walk taller, stronger, and happier in order to enjoy doing all of the things that they love in life.

A native of San Diego, California, Kelly has lived for several years in Pittsburgh with her husband and two sons.

Junior Teacher.

As a movement professional and dancer, Sarah Zielinski found Pilates as way of rehabilitation from various injuries and surgeries by becoming a student of Lesley Davenport at The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh. She became literally ‘moved’ with how much Pilates helped fine-tune her body as an instrument; she knew she wanted to share that knowledge of body awareness through movement.

During teaching she has encountered clients living with a wide array of chronic issues (post-trauma or injury), those hoping to establish a deeper connection to their bodies through exercise, and athletes of all sorts wishing to prevent injury and strengthen their fitness routine.

A native of Pittsburgh, Sarah graduated summa cum-laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Point Park University. After graduation she moved to NYC and had the privilege of working with The Metropolitan Opera, Doug Varone, Zvidance, Lorena Egan, Jessica Taylor (Damagedance), Awakening Movement, Caleb Teicher and many others.

Junior Teacher.

Maria Cossu’s lifelong passion for physical fitness lead her to find the benefits of Pilates a perfect fit for her needs. Maria has always had an appreciation for the balance of strength and flexibility.  After years of tight shoulders, she found the openings, strength and flexibility in her body that she was looking for. Pilates helped her alleviate her own joint and muscle problems.  Her quest for a deeper understanding led her to receive her Mat I, Mat II and Systems Level I Certification with Power Pilates in 2019. Maria will continue on to Level II Systems this year in 2020.

Her diverse background (undergraduate in Physics and a Masters in Information Science) enables her to understand the body and its motion through space and time and the effects of energy and force.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As a teacher of movement, Maria strengthens the importance of our physical constraints to movement and ways that we can maximize force production in the body for improved ease and efficiency.
It continues to amaze her how the disciplines of the Pilates method carry over in all aspects of her life.  As a mother of twin young children, Maria understands how challenging it can be to find time for exercise (especially when sleep-deprived) and has found Pilates a gentle and effective way to recover from childbirth and those early postpartum months. The carry-over into everyday life and even the weight-lifting that has been a huge part of her lifestyle the last few years is what makes Maria a lover of Pilates and she is excited to share this with you.



Our studio facilitates and supports teacher training programs with the Center for Women’s Fitness and Power Pilates.

We offer avid clients opportunities to enrich their practice/life with master classes and workshops with talented instructors in the field. We offer professionals inspiration and continuing education to deepen their understanding of what, why and how to teach effective programs.

Movement is our paintbrush. Pilates Teachers are artists.


Our  staff is comprised of inspired, responsible individuals who not only strive for excellence in their work but use movement or bodywork to create holistic health programs that produce effective results. To truly move well; not only looking great and feeling great but honestly move through life with fluid ease. We look for talented teachers that think outside of the box and approach teaching as a service to others.

If interested in joining our teaching team please contact Lesley at the studio.